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Co.Reg. 2005/008515/07 Meter Services CC

 Frequently Asked Questions:

   How will the municipal rate increases affect me?

   How does the system calculate the current pre-paid Kw/h Rate?

   How legal are our installations?

   After installation of the pre-paid meter at the tenant's appartment,    What should you do?

   Will I get a prepaid discount from the utility?

   Will I get help and support after my meter is installed?

   How will a power failure effect me?

   What should I tell my new tenants if they plan to move in?

   What should I do if my cellphone get stolen?

   If I forget my PIN number, What must I do?

   Where can I buy pre-paid electricity tokens?

   During what times can I buy electricity?

   How Will the pre-paid meter effect my Geyser?

   Is the pre-paid meter equiped with a surge protection ficility?

   Who will be responsible for payment of the management fee?

   If I send my proof of payment, how long does it take to send my    token?

   If I vacate the premises, can the meter be relocated?

   Do your company have a maintenance program?

   How much will I pay per SMS send to my cellphone?

   Do I need to register my meter?

   How do your company collect revenue?

   How do I obtain a usage report for my meter?

   How do I buy pre-paid electricity?

   Are your meters tamper proof?

   Who will come to install my meter?

   Does the meter have a guarantee?

   How must I commission the meter?

   What steps do I take to obtain a credit token?

   Will your company be able to collect the property owner's rent or    levy?

   Will I save electricity when I convert to pre-paid power?

   Will I still receive accounts after I convert to pre-paid power?

   Will I get my electricity deposit back?

   How much power can I buy at a time?

   Will I save more electricity if I install a geyser timer?

   How do I commission a tamper prepaid meter?

   What do I do with the card that is included in the pakage?

   Will my electrician know how to install the meter?