BEC23PLT (60A Single Phase Meter)


Your pre-paid meter dispenser unit is the latest in metering technology. It allows users to:

  • Budget for your electricity usage
  • Decide when you want to purchase more electricity
  • Decide how much electricity you want to purchase


  • Each phase is protected by a 5kA / 5kV surge arrestor
  • Electronic circuits designed to withstand 420VAC for up to 48 hours
  • Short circuit current rating: 3kA
  • Load / Line Reversal Protection
  • Provision for lead seals or wire seals are made
  • The installation is completely sealed to prevent tampering and insect ingress
  • Internal register of correctly entered tokens
  • Each meter has a unique security key
  • Meter equipped with a tamper switch
  • Meter can be shipped either in a commissioned state or non-commissioned state
  • Conformal-coated PCB’s, protect against insect, dust and humidity
  • Keypad has a proven reliability of more than one million operations per key
  • Pick and place technology using surface mounted components ensures a high degree of manufacturing accuracy and repeatability


The BEC23PLT meter is a single phase, STS compliant Prepayment Electricity Meter comprising 2 parts, these being a totally sealed metering unit and a wall base. There are different models in this range, but the actual functionality of the different models is identical.

 Disconnection Device

The meter uses one 100 A, 3kA single pole load switch as the disconnection device on a single-phase meter.

This disconnection switch disconnects the consumer when the credit expires or the load limit is exceeded.

When the disconnection switch opens due to an overload limit being exceeded it remains open for approximately 30 seconds and then re-closes. If the overload is still present it opens again. After 5 consecutive 30-second reconnection attempts the disconnection switch will remain open for 30 minutes. This pattern is repeated indefinitely until the overload is removed.

It should be noted that the disconnection switch is not designed as an over-current protection device and must not be used to interrupt fault currents.

 Rate LED

The meter has a rate LED that pulses 1000 times per kWh delivered and indicates to the consumer the rate at which electricity is being consumed.

It can be used, in conjunction with the Meter Interrogator optical reader and a test load to check the calibration of the meter. The Rate LED can also be used together with the Meter Interrogator Kit to perform an optical dump. This indicates the remaining credit, user total to date, meter total to date,meter serial number and software version.

In the event of meter failure the information available from the Rate LED may also be read directly using a MC171 Direct Probe in conjunction with an Interrogator Kit.

 User interface

Meter interface

  • Keypad user interface with tactile feedback
  • A large format LCD that supports numeric, bar graphs and icons is used
  • An LED indicating the rate of consumption (Flash Rate: 1000 pulses / kWh)
  • Supports the optical and direct probe using the Meter Interrogator Kit

 LCD interface

The meters’ LCD interface has been standardised throughout the complete range of pre-paid meters. The LCD display indicates credit available (in kWh), load indicator, overload indication, low credit warning, zero credit indication, negative credit indication, wait indication, token acceptance or rejection indication, tamper indication and special user functions.

 Overload Indication

The consumer is disconnected when the load power / current being consumed, averaged over a 15 second period, exceeds the load / current limit. When this happens all ten segments of the rate consumption bar-graph flash as an indication to the consumer to switch off appliances. The load limit is programmable allowing the supply authority to limit the maximum power an individual consumer is able to draw.

 Low Credit Indication

When the low credit threshold is reached the meter will begin to flash the hand icon. Only when the credit goes above the threshold will the hand icon go off.

 Wait (Clock) Indication

When the wait icon appears the system is busy and the keypad is disabled. The consumer must wait until the wait icon disappears before entering data.

 Negative Credit Indication

Under certain circumstances e.g. through switching delays or a faulty disconnection device, the consumer may continue drawing current after the trip point has been reached. Should the meter be configured to display negative credit values the display would include a negative sign preceding the credit value.

Alternatively, the meter can be configured, at the time of manufacture, so that the display continues to indicate 0.00 kWh whilst the meter registers the negative credit in its memory. The enter credit icon continues to be displayed and the disconnection device status icon is not displayed.

 Token Acceptance Indication

On acceptance, the display will flash the entered value. The duration for displaying the value shall be 10 seconds, thereafter reverting to its default display.

The correct tickmark icon is illuminated at the start of the message display and remains active for a period of four seconds before being extinguished.

 Token Rejection Indication

If the token is not accepted the token rejected icon (incorrect ticked icon) appears for 4 seconds followed by the explanatory code flashing for 10 seconds.

 Tamper Indication

In the event that a tamper condition has been detected the meter will initiate the tamper process. The configuration flags in the options registers (set up at the time of manufacture) governs this. The meter can be configured to disconnect the consumer’s supply and either display or not display the tamper detection. If configured to display the tamper status then the “Light Bulb” icon will be displayed.

To clear the tamper condition a “clear tamper” meter specific management token is required. When this token is entered the display will flash all ‘t’s thereafter reverting to the normal credit display.

The tick will be visible for four seconds, thereafter the “t”s will be displayed (flashing) for a further six seconds (a total display time of 10 seconds).

 Meter commissioning flag

The commissioning configuration flag is set or cleared during production or via the meter specific commissioning configuration token. If the flag is set (1) the disconnection device will close if all other requirements for closing the disconnection device are met. The meter will also detect tamper (if configured) whenever the meter is removed from the base. If the flag is cleared (0) the consumers’ supply will be disconnected and the tamper detection functionality within the meter will be disabled (if configured).

 Meter Standards

  • IEC 62052-11
  • IEC 62053-21
  • IEC 62055-41
  • IEC 60068-2-27
  • IEC 60068-2-6
  • IEC 62056-21
  • SANS 1524-1
  • ISO 14001:2004
  • ISO 9001:2000